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Read what Jessica's students have to say...

Singing with Headphones

"Thanks to Jessica, I have completely blossomed as a singer. Not only did she help me break some unhealthy habits I had formed throughout my years of singing, but she also helped me to become more confident in myself as a performer.  Jessica's way of teaching with both theory and practical made me gain a deeper understanding for how the voice works, and how I can have the power to sing not only better, but healthier.

Jessica was also great with helping me add emotion and depth to my singing, I have found my acting through song abilities have tremendously improved since meeting Jessica. I have always struggled to find a teacher that I felt comfortable to make mistakes with, but I always felt I was in a safe place to try, fail and succeed in one of Jessica’s classes. She’s truly incredible, the best teacher I ever had! " - Emma G. 

"Jessica is one of the most capable vocal teachers I have ever worked with. Due to the pandemic, I had not trained for more than a year yet, courtesy of her skillful tuition, I was able to regain my vocal technique. Despite the lessons being virtual, her persistence and mentoring aided my breathing, articulation, and vocal placement. Jessica made me feel comfortable and relaxed, and possessed an ability to motivate me, even in times of self-doubt. She provided me, in an accessible way, with the knowledge I need to further my professional career." - Yordanka. T

"I never thought I could sing until I started having lessons with Jess. I always loved to sing, but never knew if I was hitting the right notes. Right from our first lesson, Jess was patient, supportive, and encouraging. She helped me to gain confidence and to not be afraid to make mistakes. We worked on a ton of songs from many different styles of music, and I especially loved rocking out to classics from the 70's. After working with Jess, I now know when I'm singing flat or sharp and I feel my voice is bigger and stronger than ever! "

-Sara N.   

"Jessica taught our two children piano for many years. She was generous with her time and imparted a lot of knowledge. She made lessons fun and enjoyable while still demanding the best of them. She encouraged them to play the music they wanted to play, and helped them develop their own musicality and technical abilities. I personally learned a lot from sitting in on lessons and was impressed with her technical knowledge, encouraging nature, and musicianship. I highly recommend Jessica as a teacher to both young and mature students!" - Barbara S. 

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